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Struggling to scale your brand using FB & Google ads?

Partner to Scale

Are you struggling to scale your brand using FB & Google ads?

Forget the competition and dominate with videos that go viral 


We got over 24 Million views on Tik Tok for our brand in 5 weeks 

The only question is 

are you ready for your brand to go viral? 

Case Study - 
Esquisito Tequila 
24 Million views  

Over 24 Million views in 5 weeks for our own brand 

18,000 followers and
over 2 Millions likes 

13,000 comments and


18K followers and
over 2 Millions likes 

13K comments and

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How we got over 24M views on Tik Tok

1- Get as much Attention as possible (pinned post 2.9M views)

We took a page out of Elon’s playbook and found an angle that generated a ton of buzz and controversy,

This guy wanted to trade his $30k Rolex for our bottle of Tequila

The best part, we were shooting videos asking people for their best tequila story and this guy walks up and says… I’ll trade my watch for the bottle

Mike (our Tik Tok guy) looked at his watch and within seconds of starting the interview… we knew we had a banger

This was such a good angle because it compared our bottle to a super high-end brand, therefore setting the bar of our product being a premium and expensive product

2- Build credibility (pinned post 1.5M views)

Nothing beats turning a big skeptic into your biggest fan

Ok so.. We were shooting on South Beach where it’s easier to run into an influencer than getting Elon to appoint a new Twitter CEO 

And, we run into this Influencer, East Side Ivo, who has 2.5 million followers on IG & 1.4M on Tik Tok. His friend tells us his an influencer and we ask him for a skit, dude says… that will be $15k

We kept talking to them about random stuff and all of a sudden Ivo starts roasting Mike for his attire and then tries the Tequila…
Our heart stopped for a second and then he says… It’s the ONE

Then the friend tries it and gives us a legendary one liner… DAMN, it’s the ONE and not the two

And just like that… we knew we had another banger 

The video was funny, genuine, clearly not staged and this time…

no one had anything bad to say about the tequila in the comments, people really wanted to try it… HELL YES!

3- Choose a Tik Tok trend to go massively viral (pinned post 7.5M views)

Tik Tok trends can be tricky, what works for some brands can be a huge fail for others

So… we just knew we had to find the right one for our Niche

For us that was - Do you want 1 margarita shot or double it for the next person

To be fair, we did try a few other Tik Tok trends that just did ok…


We know how to scale brands

We've Built & Sold Two 8 Figure E-commerce Companies  

For our first company, we scaled it from 0 to $34 million in 2.5 years. Our second company reached $6.5 million in the first year of sales. We focus on scaling while being profitable with great content, paid media and a very good influencer strategy.

We Guarantee Results For Your E-com Brand
OR Your Money Back

If you are struggling with scaling your brand using FB and Instagram ads, you are not alone...

In fact 95% of e-commerce owners have this same problem 

So what does work? 
Interview Style Tik Toks

Simple formula -
High quality content x scale = Virality 

Elements of a viral Tik Tok 
1- Hook - Create curiosity and make people want to watch the whole video 

2- Interview regular people who would be potential customers and have them try your product 

3- Treat Tik Tok organic like you are running facebook ads...
test multiple hooks, angles and copy then double down on what works 

4- Where possible use controversy and/or comedy, ideally both 

We've developed a process that allows us to generate consistent and sustainable results month over month...

This is what you’re getting when you work with us…

1. We shoot and edit the videos, we don't outsource this to someone else 
2. We know exactly what works 
3. We will post on your Tik Tok/ IG Reels and YT shorts 

And guess what… if we can't hit at least 5 million views in the first 2 months, you will get a FULL refund!
This is how we much we believe in our process!

So, if you are looking for a performance-based e-commerce agency that backs their claims...

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Hi I'm Bernardo and I am a serial entrepreneur who built and sold 2 e-commerce companies in Beauty and Kitchen appliances. Currently building the biggest Tequila Brand using Tik Tok while working with very exclusive brands. 
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